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We are striving to create a new social platform for a growing community of truth seekers and independant journalists, content creators and artists This is a full time job creating and developing this and I am asking for your assistance at this time to allow me, Robert J. Morris the ability to work full time without the worry of wondering how my rent money and basic bills are going to be paid. Please hit the Donate button on the top right corner, and I promise to keep everyone updated on the progress of what I believe will be an awesome site. Many other functions of this website will involve media uploading and group activities, media sharing as well as text/video chat and live streaming.   Please Donate!!  I can make this happen!

FYI:  Echelon Publishers Group was registered as a sole proprietorship in 2011 and this website domain as well as echelonpublishers.com are both registered and owned by me, and I have already done this much legwork to create a body of work and hopefully I can see this new website come into fruition by the time I re-register EPG.  

Please email me if you have any questions at rjm@echelonpublishers.com 


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Robert J. Morris